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Collecting stories

one drawing at a time

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Chasing light

Chasing and collecting stories, shapes and light, arranging them in beautiful patterns. To help you discover and add to your own.

Alena is an interior designer by day, working on large workplace, hospitality and FnB projects, spending most of her off work time painting and drawing. She's well know for her unique sketchbooks, where she collects stories, shapes, and light, arranging them in beautiful compositions and patterns. These collected treasures are then used to inspire her artworks, through which people can uncover their own story or simply add to it.

After living in Singapore for 7 years, many of her works are inspired by the architectural patterns, urban jungle, tropical forests, plant life and birds found in South East Asia. Given that Alena is an interior designer, another big passion of hers is antique and book stores and atmospheric interiors.

Her works were shown in group exhibitions in Russia, Belgium and Singapore. Alena also loved working on wall murals for international companies like PayPal. Her sketches and illustrations are published in several books, including one children's book.


Fine art prints by Alena Kudriashova Gastaldi

Fine art prints

Your very own Limited Edition Fine Art print will be printed on exceptional quality paper  that will not only last you a lifetime, but will also be carbon neutral all the way through, from order to delivery. With 95% plastic free packaging. 
Tropical watercolor fine art print by Alena Gastaldi


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